Trumpf Laser Cutting Machine

Why Choose Washington Metalworks?

Fast Production

Our Trumpf 8Kw Fiber Laser can cut parts faster than ever before thanks to its high-speed technology, automatic nozzle change and intuitive navigation. Because of this speed, we’re able to meet our customers’ tight product deadlines.

Custom-Built Services

Our multifaceted Fiber Laser helps us adhere to each client’s specific requirements. From small contours to complete part removal, our machines can accommodate a variety of metal materials and thicknesses.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Thanks to the lasers’ advanced intelligence, every cut is measured accurately and performed seamlessly. All of our sheet metal manufacturing is then thoroughly checked by accredited personnel to meet our rigorous standards.

Cost and Energy Efficient

Fiber Lasers are our most energy-efficient lasers. Not only do they keep running costs low, they’re also more environmentally friendly by releasing fewer harmful emissions.


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