TruMatic 1000 Fiber Laser Machine

Why Choose Washington Metalworks?


Our machine’s advanced intelligence and toolset ensures that every product is punched, bent and formed accurately to meet precise and rigorous requirements. All finished parts are then automatically sorted into containers where they’ll be carefully checked by our highly-accredited inspection team.


Not only does the multifaceted Trumpf 1000 allow us to deliver a broad range of sheet metal manufacturing services, its flexible lasering can process a wide variety of materials including non-ferrous metals and highly-reflective metals.


Without the time-consuming loading and setup processes of using multiple machines, our combination machine allows us to operate much faster - smoothly seeing projects through from raw materials to finished parts. By keeping our product cycles as short as possible, we’re able to meet your business’s tight deadlines.


Using one machine to punch holes, bend flanges and form threads allows us to deliver complex projects without using excessive resources and labour. This helps us keep our sheet metal manufacturing costs as low as possible.


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